Crisp Packet Insulation


Our crisp packet insulation, under development, aims to transform eco-friendly building by using recycled crisp packets, offering an affordable insulation alternative. Early tests in Goa show its potential to cool homes effectively, promising wider applications from residential to improving slum dwellings in extreme heat.

Recycled Crisp Packet Insulation


Our innovative crisp packet insulation, currently under development, is poised to transform sustainable building practices by repurposing materials that are traditionally non-recyclable. Inspired by the high-efficiency principles of radiant barrier insulation, our approach utilises recycled crisp packets to create an affordable, eco-friendly insulation solution.

 Initial testing in a Goa-based house has yielded promising results, showcasing its potential to significantly reduce indoor temperatures. This breakthrough has the potential not only for residential applications but also as a cost-effective means to improve living conditions in slum dwellings, offering a cooler environment in the face of sweltering heat.