Benjamin Robb

Director | Architect

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Benjamin Robb

As the founder and director of Wabi+, my work spans the UK and India, blending innovation with cultural insight. Starting with co-founding Studio Momo in Goa in 2011, I developed a keen sense for integrating local styles with modern design. This experience laid the foundation for Wabi+, established in the UK, where I focused on heritage residential projects, particularly in Bath, enhancing them with detailed craftsmanship and innovative materials.

In 2023, in addition to our UK studio, I established Wabi+ in Goa, India, armed with skills refined in the UK, to introduce new levels of design and detail to the Indian construction scene. My work is distinguished by innovation, notably in patented natural finishes, and expertise in fine detailing, evident in bespoke kitchens and architectural designs created with CNC precision.

My career is a journey of blending the best practices from both countries to create unique design solutions. At Wabi+, I'm committed to enriching spaces in both the UK and India with sustainable and innovative designs.


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