Knife Edge Pool

India's First Knife Edge Pool

This project marked the debut of the first knife-edge pool in Goa and India, blending modern design with practical adaptation to local materials and craftsmanship at an affordable cost. The pool’s design, where the water level meets the deck edge, offers a sleek look and an illusion of boundary-less water. The surrounding area, including a sloping front garden, was raised by 1 meter to accommodate the pool, complete with landscaping, a gazebo, and access steps, creating a harmonious outdoor space.


This was the first knife edge pool for Goa and India. It required the modification and adaptation of the technical components to suit India both in terms of materials and available skills without being cost prohibitive. A knife edge pool enables the water level to be at the same height as the deck. This not only creates a modern sleek look but also gives the illusion the pool has no walls.

The sloping front garden and the pool area was raised by approximately 1m (soil compacted in layers of approx. 150mm) to achieve the flat site with a setback retaining wall, and steps to the parking area. The project also required landscaping, planting and the creation of paths and a gazebo.