Stone Bothy


The project aimed to construct a gym and party barn/studio as outbuildings that blend seamlessly with their surroundings, adopting the essence of the locale using local rubble stone. Situated in Dartmoor National Park, these stone structures form a protective courtyard, offering stunning views. Initially challenged by the presence of sweet chestnut trees, we devised a solution with a sunken ring beam and screw pile foundations, enabling construction without harming the tree roots.

Residential, UK


Our brief was to design a cohesive series of outbuildings, including a gym and a multifunctional party barn/studio, that not only serve their functional purposes but also resonate with the historical and natural context of their setting. The design ethos was to ensure these structures appeared indigenous to the site, embodying a sense of belonging and utilising local materials. To achieve this, we envisioned a cluster of stone buildings, anchored in the rugged beauty of Dartmoor National Park, with each building crafted from locally sourced rubble stone to harmonise with the landscape.

The design revolves around a central courtyard, offering a sanctuary that frames the expansive views of the moorland. A significant challenge presented itself with the Root Protection Areas (RPAs) of the majestic sweet chestnut trees bordering the site, which initially seemed incompatible with the traditional construction methods we envisaged. However, through dedicated research and collaboration with an appointed arboriculturist, we developed an innovative foundation solution. By employing a sunken ring beam structure supported by screw pile foundations, we managed to proceed with the stone construction in a way that safeguarded the integrity of the tree roots, ensuring the coexistence of natural heritage with architectural innovation.