Lime Render

Lime Render

Our lime render product delivers a durable, maintenance-free external finish that requires no painting or limewashing. Available in a variety of colours through oxide pigments, this breathable render is ideal for use with eco-friendly masonry, offering both aesthetic appeal and environmental benefits in a simple two-coat system.

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Our specially formulated lime render provides a robust and enduring external surface that elegantly eliminates the need for periodic painting or limewashing, streamlining maintenance without compromising on style. By incorporating oxide pigments, we offer a bespoke palette of colours to complement any architectural design. Designed with breathability at its core, our lime render is perfectly suited to eco constructions and breathable masonry, ensuring moisture can naturally escape the structure, thereby reducing the risk of damp and decay.

The finish not only enhances the building’s aesthetic with its natural texture and depth but also aligns with eco-friendly building practices, making it an attractive choice for those seeking sustainable construction solutions. Applied in a straightforward two-coat system, our lime render merges traditional materials with modern application techniques to achieve a finish that is both visually striking and functionally superior.