Straw Bale House

Strawbale House, UK

This was a project for an organic wheat farmer who wanted to use the straw from his own farm to build this house. Straw is an excellent building material that provides the dual function of being structurally load bearing whilst also providing insulation. Due to the thickness of the wall it actually surpasses standard U value requirements.

New Build Residential House


This was a new build to an existing residential plot that had previously been demolished. As the straw bale construction method proposed was so unusual it required more involvement and learning from all parties. The proposal was a 4-bedroom thatched house on staddle stones that played to the traditional vernacular of the area.

For all intents and purposes once built it looked like a traditional dwelling, blending with the context of Rushall. At the time of completion this was noted as the biggest straw bale house in the UK. I was tasked in preparation of a specification of materials and works along with working drawings for tender issue and assisting in contract administration during construction.