Villa Azul

Villa Azul - Goa, India

Villa Azul offers a contemporary take on the traditional Indo-Portuguese architectural style prevalent in Goa, serving as a modern extension to the local vernacular. This design is attuned to the region’s climate, cultural context, and the evolving lifestyle needs of modern India. The property is a newly constructed 5-bedroom courtyard house, utilising regional load-bearing stone construction methods, skillfully adapted to include modern British design elements.

New Build Residential Villa - India


Built from scratch Villa Azul has a traditional charm yet remains contemporary. With this villa I explored ways in which to incorporate cost effective eco principles into the vernacular; decompiling the local Goan Portuguese vernacular details and reassembling them with bioclimatic principles. For example; a modified radiant barrier was incorporated into the roof, which doubled as a secondary waterproofing layer. A modified DPC was also incorporated. The creation of an internal courtyard further assisted the natural cooling, creating a difference in temperature of roughly 8 degrees celsius.

The traditional Goan building vernacular is very similar to the load bearing construction of England so adjusting to and adapting local building techniques was easier and allowed for the translation of British details. By enhancing the local building details, rather than reinventing them, modifying local details so that they perform better are the small steps that have a better chance of taking hold and becoming part of the existing vernacular.