Wabi+ is now open in Goa, India. Architectural Practice.

Architecture & Interior Design

At Wabi+ we design and deliver unique, high quality, detailed buildings. We take inspiration from a design philosophy called Wabi-Sabi; a Japanese design philosophy that appreciates beauty of texture, materials, light and space. The philosophy dictates that each design is its own and has its own unique character. Employing the above mentioned principles result in buildings that are in tune with their context, be it culture, place or climate.

Outdoor Living & Kitchens

We design and manufacture our outdoor kitchens to be weather resistant, whether inside or out. 

Architectural Finishes

We sell our own finishes as a bagged product that is delivered to your site. We can also advise on various natural finishes and develop recipes to meet any criteria.

Goa, India

Meet our dedicated team in Goa, India. Not in Goa? We also work on projects around the country.